The Future of Women Bishops in The Church of England


By this time next year if all goes well a woman can be a bishop in The Church of England. “The church’s General Synod passed a motion by 378-8, with 25 abstentions, that paves the way for the endorsement of women bishops. Bishops also approved a declaration that sets out guidance for parishes that reject female consecrations,” (Grundy 1). This has been a conflict in The Church of England for almost two decades on whether or not to allow women to be able to have a high power role in the church. The battle has been mainly fueled among traditionalist clergy who do not want to modernize the church. The traditionalist clergy want to keep The Church of England how it has been. Bishops such as Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby is one of the main supporters of women being allowed to take role as bishops in the church. Many bishops, political leaders, and the public believes the church needs to make itself more modern like the rest of the society. There has been so much change in the world and it is time some traditional rules held by the church should be changed also. The final draft of the declaration allowing women to be bishops should be ready by November 2014 for final approval. I analyzed two articles on this story one from The Huffington Post and the other from Religion News Service (RNS). Both articles were posted today and allow viewers to write commentary on the story. Also both articles include a picture of Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Church of England paves the way for women bishops


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